Asian Doll Fires Back At City Girls: “Y’all Didn’t Even Write ‘Act Up,’ Yatchy Did”

If you’ve been on social media at all recently, you’ve likely seen at least a few outtakes from an argument that went down between some of hip hop’s leading ladies, City Girls’ member JT and Dallas native Asian Doll over the weekend. While both of them have been under intense scrutiny recently due to some of JT’s old resurfaced tweets and Asian’s public grieving of ex-King Von, the two women are now taking shots at each other. 

The beef commenced when Asian played an unreleased verse from Megan thee Stallion’s “Do It On The Tip” on Instagram Live, which ended up featuring the Miami duo instead. Fans speculated the Dallas rapper was actually “replaced” on the track, although Asian herself clarified in a since-deleted tweet that she and thee Stallion were still friends, adding “idgaf about no song I did in my sleep.” 

It seems JT took issue with this, posting a series of tweets people assumed were aimed at Asian, one of which said, “Like if you know it’s gone draw attention & cause commotion … why speak on it? Mind you lying! But go off!” After this, a full-blown argument on Twitter broke out between Asian and JT, with Yung Miami hopping in to defend JT and Megan coming to clear the air. Provided for your convenience,  below are screenshots of the tweets since nearly all of them have been deleted. 

The argument did cease last night, but Asian took to Instagram live to continue throwing shots at both City Girls, saying, “And none of you h*es can see me. Physically, in the booth, none of that. None of you h*es can see me, stop playing. Talking about b*tches been hating since “Act Up,” yall didn’t even write “Act Up” a n*gga wrote it, a n*gga wrote y’all song, y’all hit. What are you talking about? Humble yourselves, you digging your own grave.” 

She continued the blast, calling the girls’ internet warriors with an “all bark no bite” attitude, adding that JT’s shade came unprovoked. She also addressed how the beef has been brewing for years, mentioning how she had been taken off another song the City Girls were featured on because she was “washing them h*es.”

We hope the rap girls can eventually reconcile from this testy situation. 

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