Bhad Bhabie Explains Absence: “I Took Time To Focus On Getting Myself Together”

Will the world really receive a new and improved Danielle Bregoli? The 16-year-old star has been famous since she was known as the back-talking problem child on Dr. Phil, and she, along with the adults in her life, has used her infamy to her advantage. She’s carved out a rap career as Bhad Bhabie and before learning how to drive (legally), she was inking million-dollar deals. Bhad Bhabie is often faced with backlash over her actions, images, and her inclination to engage in physical altercations that somehow end up on the internet.

Recently, Bhad Bhabie spent some time in rehab, and it looks as if she’s continued to work on herself now that she’s exited the facility. “The reason i haven’t been on ig a lot lately is because i took everyone’s advice and took time to focus on getting myself together,” she wrote on Instagram. “I had to realize that there’s more to life than what ppl have to say in comments and what people think about me. What most ppl don’t understand is that i had a pretty hard upbringing and on top of that it’s very hard being a young female growing up in the music industry especially with how i was brought into this whole world of fame i’m very mistaken and people don’t understand me.”

Bregoli added that people immediately view her as a bad person but they “don’t know the full story of my life and why i act the way i do.” As she matures she’s apparently realizing that not everyone will accept who she is, but as long as her family, friends, and fans continue to “understand the true real me” she isn’t concerned with “haters.” Read through her full message below.

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