Chris Brown Blows Up On His Critics: “You Could Never Be Me”

Nobody was really speaking about Chris Brown this weekend but, for some reason, he felt compelled to send a message and invoke fear in all of his critics.

After previewing some music last week, Chris Brown raised eyebrows with some angry text uploads to his Instagram Stories. Normally, Chris will share photos of his graffiti-filled home, pictures of his kids, and more but something obviously ticked him off, prompting him to blow up on social media.

“Shut up and just listen to the damn music,” wrote Chris Breezy. “Only people that give a f*ck about others’ personal problems have a personal problem….. So please please take it personal if I stunt, sh*t, or flex on you! I’m not you and you could never be me. The lie was that we are the same….. No the f*ck we ain’t!”

Chris’ message wasn’t directed at anybody in particular, solely calling out all of his naysayers and the people who focus on his past wrongdoings.

“Know that… If I can’t earn your respect…. I’ll earn your fear,” continued Chris, menacing his critics. “Can’t dim my light but can’t brighten yours by focusing on you… Hoped this helped/hurt some feelings!”

Over the weekend, Chris’ tone was different in his posts, which showed his kids Royalty and Aeko meeting up and enjoying some time together.

What do you think of his message?

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