Lauryn Hill’s Daughter Selah Says Mother Is Late To Shows Due To “Anxiety”

Just yesterday (August 10), the internet lit up after Selah Marley, daughter to Lauryn Hill and Rohan Marley, spoke freely about her childhood traumas. The 21-year-old shared that she’s been weighed down by the realities of having an absent father and mother who was constantly touring. Selah shared that she and her siblings spent much of their childhoods with relatives of nannies, and she revealed that her mother was sometimes “so angry,” using harsh discipline as a form of control.

Selah has returned to Instagram Live once again to answer questions from her adoring fans, and someone asked why Lauryn Hill is always late. The music icon has accumulated a reputation of being tardy to her live shows, sometimes upwards of three hours, and Selah revealed that her mother may have anxiety.

“Why is she always late? Um, I don’t know actually. That’s for her to figure out. I can’t really…I think my mother gets anxiety sometimes. I also think that she be on Black people time, you know what I mean? I’m not her. I don’t know. Ask her.” Ms. Hill has been an entertainer who shirks away from the media and limelight, so it’s interesting to hear her daughter talk about her personal life without regard to any consequences.

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