Lil Pump Goes To A Trump Rally

50 Cent has danced around the topic, endorsing Trump for re-election and then stepping back his words, telling Chelsea Handler that he was voting for Biden. Lil Wayne took a picture with Trump and praised him for his platinum plan for Black Americans. Lil Pump has been screaming “Trump 2020” on social media for the last week.

It’s definitely surprising that some players in hip-hop have been so open in accepting Trump, despite the fact that he continues to be as problematic a President as ever before. Perhaps unsurprisingly, Lil Pump has been the loudest supporter of Trump.

With his music career in question, Lil Pump is possibly reaching onto Trump as a means to extend his struggling career. The rapper has not had a hit in a long time and, while he’s certainly not holding onto pennies, his reputation has been damaged after years of social media antics that annoyed the masses.

Last night, Lil Pump attended Trump’s rally in Florida, putting on his Make America Great Again hat and smiling big as he took videos in the crowd. Notably, he was not wearing a face mask, despite the pandemic reaching new all-time high numbers in the US.

The election is happening tomorrow, and it’s important for everybody to go vote. If you haven’t already, please educate yourself on where you can vote tomorrow.

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