Girl, 6, chokes on blue face mask ‘cooked inside McDonalds chicken nuggets’

We smell a McLawsuit. If this family’s story is to be believed, McDonald’s is facing a heap of trouble. Reports state that a six-year-old girl in the U.K. was enjoying her Chicken McNugget Happy Meal when she began to choke. Her mother claims she leaped into action and found pieces of a surgical mask. “I had to put my finger in her mouth to make her sick and it came up all speckled with blue,” said the child’s mother, Laura Arber.

Upon immediate inspection, Arber wasn’t sure what the blue pieces of fabric were. It took her a minute to realize they were pieces of a face mask. “It was a mask, it was absolutely baked into it, it had gone like chewing gum,” Arber added. “It was disgusting… If I hadn’t been in the room I just don’t know what could have happened.”

This all allegedly happened after Arber arrived home with her daughter, so she took the food back to the fast-food restaurant to complain. She expected them to stop serving the nuggets they had in stock, but she said they carried on as if nothing happened. “I just couldn’t believe the way the management were handling it.”

McDonald’s UK released a statement saying that they were investigating the matter and “have taken action to ensure any product from this batch is removed from restaurants,” the company said. “We would like to offer a full apology to the customer in question and understand they are currently in conversation with our customer services team.”

Arber shared images of the alleged mask-filled nuggets as people accused the mother of looking for a quick payday.


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