Logic’s Son Is Credited As A Writer On His New Album

Logic released his final album on Friday, announcing his retirement and happily moving onto a new chapter in his life. Now, the 30-year-old will focus on becoming the best father he can be to his little boy.

He is being praised for the album, titled No Pressure, and as fans continue to unpack everything in the music, Logic is revealing some awesome behind-the-scenes details.

Taking to Twitter, he noted that his newborn son, Little Bobby, is actually credited on the album as a songwriter.

“Little bobby is actually credited as a writer on A2Z and has a percentage of the song,” he told his supporters. “The money he makes from his publishing will go into an account I will surprise him with when he’s of age. Lol.”

Little Bobby has been making his grand entrance into the public eye over the last couple of weeks. First, he was introduced after Logic announced his retirement album as the first pictures of him were uploaded to social media. Then, he was featured heavily in the music video for “DadBod,” which was released yesterday.

As you can imagine, Little Bobby is already set up for a successful life with the money he’ll make from “A2Z.” Shout-out to Logic.

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