Mo3 Drops Posthumous OG Bobby Billions Collab “Outside”

Mo3, who was killed in a Dallas shooting last November, now lives on through a posthumous remix of “Outside.” Joined by OG Bobby Billions, with whom MO3 has collaborated frequently, “Outside” highlights the late rapper’s melodic chops. Off the bat, the song opens on a somber note, fueled by a melancholic keyboard and guitar arrangement. Now, the song itself isn’t technically new, as Bobby Billions previously released the track as a solo effort last year. Yet MO3’s vocals add a newfound presence to the track, not to mention a bittersweet quality given the circumstances.

The emotion can be felt in Mo3’s vocal performance. “You hear that church up in my verse cus that’s how I’m raised,” he sings, looking for forgiveness while acknowledging his flaws. “I told God he gotta forgive me I’m insane.” The sense of conflicting duality is a driving force throughout, as Mo3 admits he doesn’t always stick to the righteous path. “God I need a second chance knowing that I love you, but sometimes I do the devil dance,” he reflects. “Lost a couple of my partnas so I’m slidin’ out on whoever / and drop one of them ni*gas when I kill em’ call the reverend.”

Check out Mo3’s posthumous take on “Outside,” and be sure to sound off with your thoughts on this updated version below.

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