NBA YoungBoy Announces New Album Release Date

NBA Youngboy is ready for his musical return. When he dropped .38 Baby 2 back in April, he vowed it would be his last release until he was in a “better situation.” The rapper was apparently in the midst of a bout of label beef, as he had publicly asked his major label for his masters in exchange for his “next 4 albums free.” He said, they were not down for the deal.

Youngboy didn’t exactly follow through on his word though, perhaps to the pleasure of fans, as he’s released a handful of records since then, including last Friday’s “Kacey Talk.” Not to mention, there’s been the lingering promise of a Rich the Kid and NBA Youngboy joint mixtape titled Nobody Safe, which has yet to appear.

While the signs of a new project were beginning to show, and now we have the official word: NBA Youngboy will be releasing a project titled TOP on September 11th.

The rapper tweeted as much, including that the project would contain 18 records, including the new single “Kacey Talk.” Youngboy included a black and white portrait shot with the announcement and although it’s unclear yet if this will be the final album cover, it is the artwork that is being displayed on Spotify at the moment.

Check out the announcement below, and stay tuned for more details as we lead up to September 11.

Are you excited for new music from Youngboy?

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