Nick Cannon Says Kanye West Secured His Vote In Presidential Election

Kanye West’s presidential run has been unique, for a lack of better words. Over the past month or so, Kanye’s adamantly declared that he’d beat both Trump and Biden in the November election. If he doesn’t beat them, he apparently has no problem is helping Trump win but that’s a whole other story, kind of.

A man who once received a public lashing from Kanye for mentioning his past relationship with Kim Kardashian has now declared that he’ll vote for Kanye West if he gets the chance. During a run-in with the paparazzi, Nick Cannon chimed in on Kanye’s bid and revealed that he’d be casting his vote for the Birthday Party. When asked about what he thought about West’s campaign, Cannon simply stated, “I love it.”

Though Cannon said that he doesn’t know about the specifics surrounding ‘Ye’s campaign, he did admit (at least half-heartedly) that he’d vote for Kanye West in the upcoming election. Ultimately, Cannon said that he’s down to see another Black man in office.

Cannon also discussed his recent brush with cancel culture or rather, “counsel culture,” as he’d put it. Just last month, Nick Cannon was dropped from Viacom over anti-Semitic comments on his podcast. He has since apologized and met with a Rabbi to educate himself further on the topic.


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