Russ Kicks Some Game On New Single “Freed Up”

Following a recent preview on Instagram, Russ has come through with the full version of his brand new single “Freed Up.” As fans know, the rapper tends to alternate between more melodic music and more rap-focused music, a crossover quality that has bolstered his popularity to an impressive degree. On this one, he brings both worlds together over a smooth guitar-driven instrumental, setting the tone with a catchy sung chorus celebrating his artistic independence.

Once the verses start, Russ showcases an impressive flow without breaking a sweat. “I bе ballin’ overseas like Caldеrón, I keep a pound at home, I found my zone, I’m in it,” he raps, whipping up his pace. “Hour-long set, ten thousand a minute, bout to pivot into other industries and then put up a hundred G’s of my own / cause the sound of winning n my own terms gets me off / Can’t believe they really just let me walk.”  Clearly, he knows his value as an industry thought leader, boasting the receipts to prove it. No matter how you feel about the divisive emcee, it’s hard not to respect his vision. Check out “Freed Up” now.

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