Saint West Gives Himself A Haircut & Kim Kardashian West Approves

Kids will be kids. If you take your eye off them for too long they can dive into a heap of trouble, or maybe just some hilarious fun. Kanye West and Kim Kardashian West are raising a whole clan at this point. Between North, Saint, Chicago, and Psalm, the West family is bursting at the brims. The happy family is not without its ups and downs, but Kim and Kanye look to be absolutely delighted by their responsibilities as parents.

New year, new me took hold in the West household as their son Saint West got his hands on some children’s safety scissors and snipped at his own hair. The damage is light, the kid only took off a few locks of hair, but Kim was still quick to post the incident on her social media. Kim shared an image of the scissors next to the locks of hair, and a picture of the aftermath with the message, “Still looks cute tho.” To be honest, we can barely tell the difference.

Kim stepped into the new year turning some heads herself. The famed Kardashian rocked a dress fitted with abs for Christmas Eve that received some hilarious comments on social media.


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