These Teachers Recreated Jack Harlow’s ‘What’s Poppin’

Back to school season is officially upon us and, although it’s much stranger than any other year in our lives, two teachers at Monroe High School in Albany, Georgia had a fantastic idea to get their students pumped to return.

Whether your classes will be in-person or held virtually, Mrs. Evans and Mrs. Williams are holding it down by getting the kids hyped to return. The two teachers joined forces to create a viral remix to Jack Harlow’s hit single “WHATS POPPIN,” uploading the music video to the internet and watching it go crazy.

As the official remix of the track continues to stay strong in the Top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100, Mrs. Evans and Mrs. Williams gave their own spin on the song.

“What’s poppin/Mrs. Evans on the beat so tap in/You got options, but you better pass my class, no flopping,” raps Mrs. Evans with a group fo students dancing behind her. Mrs. Williams hops on for the second verse, coming through with more motivation for her students to shine this school year.

Entertainment Tonight caught up with the two educators from Georgia.

“I’m on TikTok all the time, that’s probably the app I watch 24/7, all day, and you can really see what song is poppin’ by watching TikTok,” said Audri Williams. “One of the songs was ‘WHATS POPPIN,’ so when I’m listening to the beat I’m like, ‘Ooh, yeah. Yeah, I’ve got to put a rap on this!’ So I brought it to Mrs. Evans and the rest is history.”

“After we figured out what song we wanted to do, we got together and tried to figure out some lingo that the kids would gravitate toward,” added Callie Evans. “Being that we were teachers, it already helps to know how [important] the diction in our voice is and the words that the kids are going to like. So we came up with our own verses and practiced in front of each other for, like, two or three days. Then, we went into the studio, and that’s where all the magic happened!”

What do you think of their version of the song?

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