Tiffany Haddish Clarifies “Disrespectful” Nicki Minaj Comments With Twitter Likes

Tiffany Haddish appears to be doing some damage control following her comments about Nicki Minaj, which were leaked from a private conversation on Clubhouse. In the leaked audio, Tiffany was praised as the “Nicki Minaj of comedy” by a co-moderator, which prompted the actor to fire off some interesting words about the Queen rapper. “And unlike Nicki, I treat everyone with respect and dignity,” she said.

People have been unpacking the comments all week and, though the Barbs are working overtime on defending their idol, other celebrities, including Loni Love, are seemingly co-signing the statement that Tiffany Haddish made. “She is correct. Nicki can be a little, you know, not punctual,” said Loni during a recent appearance on late-night, clarifying that the rapper was an hour late to their interview and demanded the crew stock her green room with fried chicken, which went uneaten.

As some fans have noticed, Tiffany Haddish appears to be trying to explain her comments with a series of interesting “likes” on Twitter. The comedian “liked” a couple of tweets about the situation, which help to clarify her initial remarks.

“Why the hell is there a @TiffanyHaddish & @NICKIMINAJ comparison to begin with?” said one of the tweets, which Tiffany co-signed. “Nicki is only disrespectful when she is disrespected. Everything she has said has come to light being right,” wrote the second comment that Haddish agreed with.

Tiffany Haddish’s recent Twitter likes 

So far, the backlash hasn’t been as strong as originally anticipated. Perhaps the Barbs are a little peeved about Tiffany’s comments but this doesn’t seem to be anything that will damage her career in the long run. She might want to think about staying off Clubhouse though, because this isn’t the first time some of her comments have brought her negative press.

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