Tyler, The Creator Enjoys A Decade Of “Yonkers”

Since first arriving to the game as a lovable and mischievous scoundrel proudly pledging allegiance to the  Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All movement, Tyler, The Creator has since evolved into a dynamic, adventurous, and occasionally experimental artist. In truth, there’s even a case to be made that the Grammy-nominated rapper has undergone one of hip-hop’s most notable musical transformations — case in point, compare his recent Igor project to his formative projects Bastard and Goblin. 

Tyler, The Creator – Yonkers

Still, though many enjoy Tyler’s current style, there remains a strong appreciation for some of his earlier cuts — especially those on which he absolutely snapped. There’s a reason “Yonkers” endures as a fan-favorite to this day, even ten years removed from its initial release. For those who remember the launch of Tyler’s breakout single, the dark and lyrically-driven track immediately launched him into the mainstream eye, with its eerie video conjuring a refreshing dose of horrorcore vibes.

Ten years later, the clip has amassed one hundred and thirty million views on YouTube alone, a testament to its status as a classic chapter in the Tyler canon. So much so that the rapper took to Twitter to celebrate the track’s anniversary yesterday, saying little but still managing to evoke nostalgia all the same. “Ten years young,” he writes, proof that he still looks back fondly on the early days, even if he has largely left the world of shock-rap bars behind. Check out Tyler’s tweet below, and sound off if you think “Yonkers” is a modern hip-hop classic.

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